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390-400 Woodsworth Rd

We are excited to share our redevelopment 
plans and we look forward to hearing your feedback

Project Update

We have recently made the decision to appeal the application to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). The OLT hears and adjudicates matters related to land use planning, among other matters. The OLT is often serves as a objective mediation platform for developers, City officials and interested parties. We hope to work collaboratively with City of Toronto staff through the appeal towards a redevelopment plan that is acceptable to all stakeholders.  

The Project

The proposal includes the introduction of three new eight-storey buildings, amenities and green spaces.


The proposed development has a residential Gross Floor Area (GFA) of approximately 47,729 SM. 

The redevelopment presents an opportunity to provide attainable housing, enhance the public realm, improve connections, and deliver modern amenities close to public transit.

Learn more and view the full development application here.


Project Highlights

Relaxing at Home

A mix of rental and condo residential units 


Modern amenities for all residents to enjoy 

Green Rooftop

More sustainable and energy efficient buildings

Image by Adlan

An enhanced public realm 

Image by Murillo de Paula

A more connected community for walking and biking 

The Site Plan

Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 8.31.03 AM.png

The Project Team


Our properties sit at the intersection of business, culture and everyday living, in places where growth is natural and the possibilities are endless. We develop each to reflect where their neighbourhoods are today — and where they’re going to be tomorrow.

The Owners + Developers

Bousfields Inc. is one of the pre-eminent community planning firms in Ontario with special expertise in urban design, planning policy, community design, development approvals, community consultation and project management. Bousfields offers a full range of land use planning and urban design services to the development industry, municipalities and government agencies.

The Planners

TACT Architecture Inc, is a specialized design and land approvals firm based in Toronto, focusing on effective and efficient development while maintaining a strong design-centric focus. TACT’s steady growth in the past decade has led the firm to be amongst Toronto’s top residential architectural practices. With established positive relationships with municipalities, politicians and resident groups, TACT has an established and proven track record of success. 

The Architects

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